TBAC Track and Field

Track and Field at Team Bath

Team Bath AC takes part in regular track and field competitions from April to September each year. The Club is in two Leagues, Avon and YDL, and hosts 2 T&F open meetings in Bath.

The Avon League is a local league involving 7 clubs from Avon and Gloucestershire and includes all age groups including Masters and U/11 ( in the QuadKids format). There are four matches each year, mostly held at Yate, operating on a 2 programme format. All matches include 100m but all other events are included in every other match, alternating between programme A (matches 1 and 3) and programme B (matches 2 and 4).  The final match of the season takes place at Yate on Sunday September 13th and will decide the outcome of the league. At present (Sep 2015) we are in overall second place to Yate so we have all to play for in the last match.

Our other League is the national Youth Development League. This is split into to categories. The Upper Age Group covers U/17 and U/20 athletes of both sexes and for this, we are part of a composite team, Team Avon, which includes the 5 clubs in Avon. Team Avon is in the Premier South West Division, in which we finished second in 2015 to Team Devon and Cornwall. The Lower Age group covers the U/13 and U/15 age groups for both sexes and we field our own team in this. Again we are in the Premier South West Division but as we finished 5th of 6 teams, we will be in Division 1 next year, along with Bristol. There are four matches in each of the two groups, held at different venues, and we usually host one match in the LAG.

Both the Avon League and the YDL have two scoring places for each event in each age group, with the Avon league having a guest slot in each event and the YDL has a limited number of track events with guest races. As you can imagine, there is great competition to be in the team in the more popular events.

In addition to the Leagues we are in, we also stage our own Open meetings, the Wednesday Evening and the FieldFest.

The very popular Wednesday Evening Open Meeting in June and regularly attract 150+ athletes, many from Wales. This year was the third year we have staged our FieldFest Open Meeting, which comprises field events only, often the Cinderella of the T&F calender and again we attract top class athletes from all over the country, especially in the throws. When possible, we also try to stage third open meeting in August but this has not been possible for the last two years.  Many of our athletes also attend open meetings held by other clubs.

The other major competitions are the Championship meetings. Each county has its own County Championships in  May with Avon being held at Yate and Wiltshire being held at Tidworth. The next level is the Midland Championships which are usually held at Birmingham and, for those who qualify, the National Championships, held this year at Gateshead.

Running parallel with the Club events, are the Schools events, which are not part of the Club but most Club athletes also take part representing their schools and there is sometimes confusion as to which is which as they are held at the same venues during the same period, with many of the same officials.