2016 5k Results

The long-running and highly popular TBAC runningBath 5k Timetrial League resumed normal service in 2016 with the first monthly race on Tuesday 5 January .

2015 prize winners (with 6-average time) were:

1st SM Josh Taylor 16.42
2nd James Donald 17.15
3rd Simon Brace 17.46
1st V40 Luke Sturgess-Durden 16.47
2nd Dave Coales 17.00
Men 1st V50 Niall Urquhart 18.35
Ladies 1st Cath Dale 21.50
2nd Sue Sidey 22.04
3rd Louise Jeffries 24.01

All 5k enquiries to Ray Brigden (01761 432 426 or email rayteambath@ hotmail.co.uk).