This week’s training

Visibility advisory: TTR is in place; in any low light conditions, you must wear a high visibility top (£5 from the club reception desk) and a shoe tag (free from the club reception desk) when you are running outside.

Training advisory: the training plan is provided by athletics coach Mark Thomas and is suitable for senior athletes who have built up to this level of running. If you are a junior athlete or a new runner you should not follow this training plan without first consulting an athletics coach.

If you are new to the TBAC training session make yourself known to the session coach (usually Mark).

Track advisory: be aware that synthetic tartan track is a different surface to road or trail, with bends, which may take time to become accustomed to. For more background, read Martin Rush’s Shoes on track article.


Training for this week

This week’s training is now carried on Team Bath AC Twitter (feed below right if you are not a Twitter user).